Clinical Research Positions
Senior Trials Coordinator in Clinical Neuroscience
Manages innovative clinical trials that use neuroscience to improve mental health care. 

The position is based in the PanLab for Precision Psychiatry and Translational Neuroscience at the Stanford University School of Medicine. 

For an experienced clinical trials project manager, this is an opportunity to make innovative contributions in human clinical neuroscience trials for mental health, in collaboration with academic supervisors. The encumbent would manage trials that use neuroimaging and behavioral measures to tailor pharmacotherapy and neuromodulation interventions. Under general supervision, the position offers the opportunity to advance clinical research that requires a combination of knowledge and skill in multiple distinct fields, including: clinical research (clinical trial design, data management, assessments of adverse events), experience in, or capacity to learn, imaging protocols (pertaining to functional MRI and EEG), patient protocols (consenting of patients for clinical trials, blood draws, handling of patient information) and project management. The trials focus in particular on mood and anxiety disorders.

The Senior Trials Coordinator in Clinical Neuroscience would be expected to develop and manage protocols for pre- and post-interventions, and set up and implement new intervention procedures in conjunction with study MD personnel and investigators.  The position requires experience relevant to managing trial documentation and monitoring participants; for example, in one study participants could receive a ketamine infusion and would require post-infusion monitoring and documentation. The Senior Trials Coordinator will need to have the capacity to keep accurate and meticulous records, to work with research personnel on the team, manage regulatory paperwork and IRB documentation, and ensure that all study paper and digital records are up to date and accurately maintained. 

About the lab
The trials are undertaken at Stanford University and funded by the National Institutes of Health. We collaborate with clinical personnel and our partner site at the Palo Alto VA. The Senior Trials Coordinator in Clinical Neuroscience would be working with an immediate team of several research coordinators. The Stanford PanLab values collaboration, fairness, efficiency and conscientiousness.     

This is a project manager level position that requires formal qualifications and relevant full time hands on experience since graduation. Because of the required level of experience this is not an entry level position.

Qualifying criteria include:
Bachelor's degree in a related field.
At least two years of full-time experience in the management of clinical trials research.
Ability to write, design and manage clinical trials.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Substantial experience interacting directly with human participants, including in intervention settings.
Experience with research protocols and regulatory or governing bodies, which include HIPAA and FDA regulations, Institutional Review Board requirements, and Good Clinical Practices.
Knowledge of medical terminology, including terminology relevant to clinical neuroscience and mental health.
Hands-on experience with, or capacity to quickly learn, human neuroimaging and EEG methods and protocols.
Hand-on experience with patient assessments and clinical trial protocols. 
Proficiency with Microsoft Office and database applications.
Writing skills to compose grammatically correct documents/correspondence.

Applications must include a cover letter, CV and names with contact information for at least two references.
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