Translational Assessment Training Program
This program is oriented towards predoctoral psychology trainees who are currently part of the Gronowski Center at Palo Alto University.  The program provides training and experience in clinical, interview, questionnaire and neurocognitive assessments used in clinical practice and in clinical research in medical and community settings.  Students would be provided with experiences in assessments and testing across multiple clinical conditions in adults.  Specifically, students would gain experience in:

  • Assessment of emotional and psychological functions
  • Assessment of real world capacities related to social and occupational function, productivity and coping and resilience 
  • Behavioral testing of general and cognitive emotional functions
  • Clinical interview techniques, using semi-structured formats and generating diagnostic formulations.  Interviews focus on mood and anxiety disorders and psychosis
  • Translation and application of assessment in clinical research settings
  • The relationships between neurocognitive testing and neuroscientific techniques such as fMRI
  • Report writing and individualized feedback based on assessments
  • Mentoring and consultation with the research team

Experience on projects assessing adults with a spectrum of anxiety and mood disorders. In these projects, the goal is to characterize neurocognitive and emotional functions that are disrupted in these disorders, and how these disruptions contribute to specific symptoms and real world outcomes.